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Warehoused The Movie Review

June, 24th 2017 Article
Source: cinemaddicts.co.nz | Written By: David Bell

We just showed the movie WAREHOUSED to a local church group. It drew us into its story, which was heartwarming yet disturbing. Life Is My Movie Entertainment is to be congratulated on a dispassionate analysis of what it is really like to live as a[...]

Movie Review: Warehoused

June, 20th 2017 Article
Source: spling.co.za

An estimated 12 million people are living in refugee camps with only 0.1% being re-integrated into normal society. Directors, Asher Emmanuel and Vincent Vittorio, seek to address this problem through Warehoused: The Forgotten Refugees of Dadaab, an e[...]

Review: ‘Warehoused’

June, 20th 2017 Article
Source: documentarydrive.com | Written By: Alison Ficklin

To coincide with World Refugee Day, we look at “Warehoused” directed by Asher Emmanuel and Vincent Vittorio premiering globally with free screenings around the world today (June 20th). “Warehoused” takes audiences to Dadaab, Kenya–home t[...]

Director Asher Emmanuel on the Humanity Behind ‘Warehoused’

June, 4th 2017 Article
Source: documentarydrive.com | Written By: Alison Ficklin

Ahead of its global release on June 20th – World Refugee Day, filmmaker Asher Emmanuel takes us inside his first feature-length documentary “Warehoused” about the lives and experiences of protracted refugees in Dadaab, Kenya, the largest refuge[...]