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Warehoused The Movie Review

June, 24th 2017 Article
Source: cinemaddicts.co.nz | Written By: David Bell

We just showed the movie WAREHOUSED to a local church group. It drew us into its story, which was heartwarming yet disturbing.

Life Is My Movie Entertainment is to be congratulated on a dispassionate analysis of what it is really like to live as a long-term refugee – 25 years – in a camp where there is small chance of ever finding a welcome to a new home, a new country.

The story of Dadaab in Kenya needs to be told. A huge humanitarian effort by the UN and other aid agencies has been made from the outset. But with third generation refugees now in the camp it is clear something further needs to be done.

WAREHOUSED tells a unique story mixing the life of one individual with the history of the camp, and helps us gets into the core aspects of this international humanitarian crisis of our times. For every 1,000 refugees resettled from the camp, around 12,000 infants are born, so the scale of the problem is very large. And what happens in Dadaad is mirrored in refugee camps around the world.

Although many countries and individuals prefer to see refugees just as an inconvenient statistic, WAREHOUSED allows us the privilege of seeing the human stories. Of course there will be many problems and cultural clashes as children, women and men who flood into the camps, fleeing war, starvation, and disease, ask/plead for a new life in a strange land. But it could equally be anyone of us in the same position tomorrow.

We need to redesign what it means to be a citizen of the world so that fairness and justice are for all. WAREHOUSED made us think.

Very much worth an hour and ten minutes of your time. Four stars from me.