Warehoused World Refugee Day Screening Frequently Asked Questions | Warehoused

Warehoused World Refugee Day Screening Frequently Asked Questions

When is World Refugee Day? World Refugee Day is June 20th.
What if I can’t host a screening on June 20th? We are offering free World Refugee Day screenings through June 30th, 2017, so even if June 20th doesn’t fit your schedule you have lots of options to share this film with your community.
Can I set up a screening after June 30th? Warehoused will be available for screenings anytime after our June 20th premiere. Free screenings are only available until June 30th, 2017 -- if you’d like to set up a licensed screening after June 30th please click here.
How will the film be sent to me? When you sign up for a screening you can select either a Digital or DVD screener. Digital screeners will be sent to you via e-mail, DVDs will be shipped in time for the June 20th events.
Is the screening really free? Yes! In an effort to get this film out to as many viewers as possible on World Refugee Day we are offering the film and a one-day screening license for free. If you choose to screen with a DVD and are able to pay for shipping costs, it is very much appreciated but not required.
How can I donate to this film? Click here to send a donation. Donations help cover the cost of production, printing, and shipping.
Is Warehoused appropriate for children? Warehoused does not contain any strong language, violence, or disturbing images, but it does tell the stories of people who have lived through difficult and tragic situations. Parents of young children should use their own discretion.