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Documentary Film Exceeds Kickstarter Campaign Goal

March, 17th 2017 Press release

Los Angeles based documentary film company Life is My Movie Entertainment exceeds Kickstarter goal of $20,000 for upcoming documentary, Warehoused.

With the help of 92 contributors, Warehoused, has succeeded in raising its goal of $20,000 in its 30 day Kickstarter campaign. Not only did they succeed in this goal the filmmakers exceeded it; raising specifically $24,770.

At a time when the word “refugee” brings up feelings of sadness, compassion, and even fear, Warehoused strives to bring a human face to the very real plight of refugees in our world today. Filmmakers Vincent Vittorio and Asher Emmanuel travelled into Dadaab, Kenya -- the largest refugee camp in the world -- to give a voice to those that have so long been voiceless. Dadaab was built in 1991 as a safe haven for those from Somalia, Ethiopia, and Sudan who were fleeing bloody wars in their home countries. Now over 25 years later the camp still stands, with its population at times reaching more than half a million refugees.

Warehoused follows the story of one man, Liban, a Somali national who has been inside the walls of Dadaab for over 20 years. With his family already resettled in the United States, we see Liban struggle to keep hope alive as he waits endlessly for his application approval. In a camp of over 250,000 only about 1,000 refugees are approved to enter the US each year.

The money raised through this Kickstarter campaign will pay for essential final steps, like color correction, final sound mix, subtitles, translations, and marketing & distribution materials to bring this film to as wide an audience as possible. We are planning a worldwide release on June 20th, 2017 -- World Refugee Day -- with a marquee screening event in Washington, DC.

Life is My Movie Entertainment and the filmmakers of Warehoused would like to thank those who made this vision possible.

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